A Strategy to Keep Writing in the Time of Virus

A Friday the 13th Mystery in 13 days of plotting with 70 non-writer friends, followed by 13 days of drafting all by myself…my strategy against the ‘Rona virus By Rolynn Anderson (Readers: Please scroll to the bottom and track my e-mail messages from #1-#13!) #13 Thank you so much for joining me on this mystery-writing journey. You’ve helped me get a good start on this story and I hope I’ve offered you a distraction as ‘Rona races across our country. One last question: Do any of you want to be ‘named’ in my story (especially the ATF agent, retired Ranger, and Defense Analyst characters who are Sable’s pals)? I’d use all fake names normally, but I had to ask, because some people like to ‘live’

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