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It’s About Time: 2022 Sibling Reunion

Covid has kept so many of us away from loved ones, especially family members who are spread out over the U.S. as are my siblings. For the past two years, we’ve Zoomed together for an hour every Thursday, one of the best solutions we could have come up with. But we’d gotten into the habit of gathering every year, so a two-year interruption was hard to endure.

We rotate the responsibility of hosting each reunion. Now that we’ve visited each other’s homes over the years, our new strategy is to rent VRBO’s in places new to us all. For our visit to Red Lodge, I picked a big townhouse with four bedrooms and four en suite bathrooms. A giant hot tub comes with the package and the cute little town of Red Lodge is only a two-minute walk from our VRBO. The kitchen is huge and a bonus: the townhouse sits next to a creek. Fishing from the deck is what my brothers have in mind.

My husband and I are looking forward to our drive to Red Lodge. After such a long hiatus, a road trip is exactly what we need…and we plan to take our time.

I have the feeling millions of Americans are ready to travel just like we are. Safe travels to

all of us. Cherish the time with loved ones in 2022!


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