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Alone in an Isolated Setting: Does the Notion Appeal to You?

She’s all alone. She’s on her own.

Do these phrases frighten you

or energize you?

Those of us who write mystery/suspense novels often place our characters in settings that challenge them, push them, pull them…to survive.

In my new release, When Mountains Fall, I present Camryn Hudson with a series of crises she must manage in order to help her son, save her dead husband’s reputation, and maintain a livelihood on a marina floating in an isolated British Columbia Bay.

Here’s the Back Cover Summary:

Running a marina in isolated Waka Bay, British Columbia was her husband’s dream, not hers. But now he’s dead and a prime suspect in a murder.

Shattered by grief, Camryn Hudson must return to the bay to exonerate her husband, protect her seven-year-old son, and save a failing business.

Loner Finn Weber’s mission seems equally impossible. He left a top job in Seattle to work in tiny Port McNeill. Fulfilling a bargain with his ailing mother, he must sail to Waka Bay every weekend. He never imagined the danger of cruising into Camryn’s heart while withholding a family secret.

A killer roams the land and vultures demand possession of the marina. Can Camryn solve a crime and survive in Waka Bay?

I hope you enjoy my Woman at the Helm Mystery, When Mountains Fall.

Pre-order the e-book now and save a dollar. Only $3.99!

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