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An Author’s Drug of Choice: Great Reviews

In the quietude and self-isolation brought on by the pandemic, I thought I would write hundreds of brilliant scenes and end up publishing two stunning novels in 2021. I was wrong. Without the stimulation of conferences, local author meetings, book launch events, and regular chats about writing over social media, I lost my creative verve. I’m productive, as I always am, but not as an author. I’ve given attention to my husband, family/friends, my home (clean!), my gardens (weed free!), my golf (I hit a 90 last week!). But I hadn’t finished one chapter of my 12th novel, When Winds Howl.

I took a six-month hiatus involuntarily. Without interaction with readers and other authors, I lost energy and purpose.

And then comes a rave review of When Oceans Rage from InD’Tale Magazine (June, 2021):

“…This is an amazing, suspenseful mystery, told magnificently! The story moves effortlessly with great plot twists and gripping adventure that will leave the reader breathless for more! The writing is spot-on, and anything nautical is told in a way that is easy enough to understand if one knows nothing about boats and sailing…. The imagery is wonderful and it’s not difficult to see everything-including the sea-worthy vessel. A beautifully crafted sea-faring story that is a marvelous tale from beginning to end!”

And more reviews:

When Jillian Morrell inherits her father’s shrimping vessel, she’s the last to find out. Confronted by her boss over possible security clearance problems that accompany the boat, (Jigs Up) Feeling bullied, Jillian quits her job to become a shrimper, leaving her boss flabbergasted. Jiliian heads to Canada and embarks on a different kind of adventure from her former sedentary engineer’s life. Ray Stewart has a competing interest in Jigs Up, one that comes with a shady past. His sister claims their stepfather owns half interest in the boat. He schemes to get close to Jillian to find a way to right this wrong. Things heat up, Jillian gets beat up, and Ray becomes fed up with the intrigue. Can the two adversaries become allies? Or will their ship of hopes founder? Fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for choppy waters. I give this book 5 shiny anchors and a must read recommendation!

Strong woman faces serious obstacles and hidden opponents after she inherits her father's trawler. Jill has more skills than the locals assume. An engineer who loves to tinker with engines and builds drones for fun. Ray has so many secrets that it eats away at him as he becomes friends with Jill. Most of the time, the reader can tell he's on her side. She's not so sure. A good mystery with surprise villains and unexpected support.

Not knowing much about boats, I was pleasantly enthralled by the descriptions of prawning, piloting and maintenance of a vessel threaded skillfully in the midst of a well-spun suspense. The protagonist was an intelligent, assertive woman which is so rare and refreshing in fiction. Enjoyed the twists and red herrings. Highly recommend this riveting mystery!

Hold onto your gunwales! If you are after a topsy-turvy romance mixed with good nautical sense, Rolynn Anderson can certainly deliver. When Oceans Rage will keep you riveted to the rise and fall of the currents and your emotions. Another great romantic adventure from Rolynn.

No question. Reviews are a wonderful impetus for authors. Please take the time to write a few words about the books you enjoy on Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub. You have the power to refocus authors and jostle amazing stories out of them. I hope you use it!


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