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When Truth Mirrors Fiction

With a virgin small-boat cruise around the Great Lakes under my belt, I’ve taken to reading cruise brochures from Viking, Seaborne, Silverseas, American Queen, and Oceania. What delights they have to offer: gorgeous ships, countless destinations, and attentive, skilled staffs. But their itineraries seemed fairly routine, pushing from one large town to the next.

Readers of this blog know I loved my thirty years as a boater. Intrepid, our sweet 45-foot Kadey-Krogen trawler, took us on amazing trips around the Washington State’s San Juans, up into the Gulf Islands of B.C. and all the way to Alaska. We were a lucky few, boaters who spent months traveling amongst the magical islands of Washington State, British Columbia, and Alaska’s coasts. Because our boat was small and we had the time to explore, we ducked into coves and inlets few people had ever seen. Stunning, life-altering adventures.

I often thought to myself: ‘I wish more people could have the same experience.’

I’m happy to say that the 2023 and 2024 small-boat cruise catalogs are finally including voyages to the out-of-the way places we loved so much. In fact, I discovered that almost the exact itinerary I give my yacht caption in my 12th novel, is replicated on American Queen Voyages next month! I met a man on our Great Lake cruise who signed up for the trip and was so excited about the prospect. The ship pictured, is a brand new vessel.

It's almost as if the cruise company responded to my wish, or at the very least, got wind of the settings for When Winds Howl and decided to replicate my fictional captain’s itinerary. In this case of actual events following fictional ones, I’m sure my readers and the guests aboard the maiden American Queen Voyage, will be thrilled with their adventures.

Get ready. When Winds Howl launches in late 2023. Think: Agatha Christie. On a yacht in Alaska. Glacial!

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