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A Revisit: 1971 and 2023- Lake Louise, Alberta Canada

Travelers yearn to visit interesting places all over the world, and with so many sites to choose from, the decision to revisit a place is unique. We celebrated our honeymoon in Lake Louise/Banff, Canada in 1971, returning with friends to show it off in 1979.

Here we are again, in 2023, 52 years into our marriage. What does a revisit like this tell us?

1. The stunning beauty of Lake Louise, a gem in the Banff Canadian Park system,

remains. I appreciate it more today than I did at the beginning of my travel days, when I was preoccupied with visiting the next best destination, rather than loving the one I was seeing in the moment. I favor a slower pace in general nowadays, which deepens my enjoyment.

2. Ways to travel to this site have improved. Before, we drove our car to this location, and some of the roadways were challenging. This time, we traveled by train in a domed car, all the way from Vancouver B.C. to the Rockies. An extraordinary way to see our natural environment.

3. The crowds. Every age group showed up to view the lake and its beautiful backdrop in 1971 as in 2023. Today, add every nationality you can imagine. The whole world has learned about Lake Louise and I’m happy they’re here to enjoy it.

4. I need more comfortable digs than I did back then, plus I can afford them, finally! On our honeymoon we found a modest hotel; in 1976 we camped with our buddies (they even had a bear encounter…and survived). Today my husband and I are staying at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, and our room has a view of the gorgeous lake and mountains. We worked hard to be able to splurge on special lodging for this trip, a fitting place to celebrate more than a half-century of marriage.

5. Sticker shock. Oh yes, costs have skyrocketed in 50+ years. A $9.95 breakfast buffet costs $43 Canadian dollars today. The food, however, is amazing and I don’t mind the cost because it’s part of the experience.

In the time I’ve lived a very full life Lake Louise is one incredible place that has remained virtually the same. That gives me joy.


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