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WHEN WINDS HOWL Launches in 2024!

I yearn for the day when fans of my books, thousands of them, bug me to name the month my next book comes out. But because I haven’t worked hard enough helping readers discover my books, I don’t have much of a following. If I did have avid thousands of readers and they’d asked me that question in 2020 during the world’s battle with Covid and my personal knock-down drag-out with cancer, I would have held my chin up and said: ‘I write a book a year, so you’ll be able to read WHEN WINDS HOWL in 2021.’


Here it is, almost 2024, and I’m still editing the story that took me three years to write. But you know from my blogs that I’ve been polishing my brand steadily: revamping my website, and redoing my covers, blurbs, and general Amazon presence. Even more important, I am learning how to write ads for Amazon (170 so far), because, as I told you before, algorithms have become my friends.


After three years of penning the novel and refreshing my brand, I will grow my fan base (through Amazon) and push to write at least one novel a year. My career as a writer depends upon this strategy. A fact: Covid didn’t stop me and neither did cancer.


Look for WHEN WINDS HOWL early in 2021. It’s a twisty modern Agatha Christie mystery. Eight people win a free trip on a yacht to see Alaska’s glaciers. What appears to be a gift ends up offering them the challenge of their lives. Watch Facebook and my website for details on the launch. You’re going to love this mystery/romance!



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