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A Wardrobe Makeover – Coming Soon!

When I began writing novels in 2001, I had no idea what kind of writer I would be, much less what quality of story I could muster. I wanted to see if I could write books that readers enjoyed in the same way I gobbled up romantic suspense and begged my mother for my first bellbottoms.

How naïve could I be? I’ve changed as has publishing and readers. Heck, bellbottoms lost popularity for fifty years and are once again popular! The world…and plans change so quickly.

In twenty years, I’ve published twelve books. What an incredible education I’ve had, helped by so many writers! I will not detail here what I’ve learned (and have yet to grasp) about writing, publishing, and marketing. Nor will I recall my mistakes. Instead of dwelling on the ups and downs that got me here, I’m moving forward.

The point is, I learned I like to write a specific genre of books that seem to please a segment of readers. Now I have to look at all my work and codify it so it reaches (sells to) those readers. Instead of thinking of my novels as separate offerings, I’ll present them as a complete ‘set’ of suspense/mystery/romance novels. Since I’d like my stories to live forever, I must package them carefully and lovingly.

So I picked an artist, Nick Castle from the UK (, who has designed covers for the likes of Nora Roberts and John Sanford. He has experience depicting my genre, and has worked out a look/motif presenting my books as a body of work. His guidance on this project has helped me define my art and confidently add to it.

Yes, this is a legacy wardrobe makeover. Let’s hope this fashion choice stands the test of time.


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