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The Cypress ‘Crest’ Women’s Detective Agency

“What did you do in your past life?”

As president of my golf club, I always ask this question of a new member the first time I have the chance to golf with her. Some would say my query and her answer are less important than considering her at face value, the human being she presents to me when we’re playing eighteen holes. But I disagree. Though I might learn about her personality and her skill at golf, the game won’t reveal the richness of her background.

My bent toward delving into each woman’s history prompted me to launch a short story about members of a golf course who become amateur sleuths. When a swing coach at Cypress ‘Crest’ Golf Course is murdered and a club member goes to the top of the list as a suspect, her links pals group up to solve the crime.

This mystery is fictional, but here’s the truth about my 43 Cypress Ridge Women’s Golf Club members: They’d have the chops to crack the crime because they’ve dealt with life and death issues and have honed critical thinking skills in their professions. In our CRWGC ranks we include:

  1. Intelligence analyst

  2. ATF (Alchohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) agent

  3. Law enforcement ranger, who worked for the state parks

  4. Teachers

  5. High school principal

  6. Several nurses, retired

  7. Profusionist (runs a heart/lung machine)

  8. Facility manager of a big corporation

  9. Comptroller

  10. Musician/composer

  11. Attorney

  12. Retail Manager

  13. VP of a multi-restaurant chain

  14. VP for a car rental company

…and so many more!

“Links to Evil” is the name of my longish short story. During the early days of Covid-19, I invited club members to share their plot and character ideas with me, taking 13 days to get their input and 13 days to draft the piece. Mine is one of 13 stories written by 13 different authors, composed in 13 chapters and 13,000 words. Our mysteries come out in e-book format in November on Friday the 13th. Of course!

Here’s my story’s teaser:

A Golf Club Gripped By Crime

Agent Sable Chisholm’s on-duty brain injury rendered her fearless...and temporarily unfit for the FBI. Her golf holiday on the Central Coast was meant to be restorative until her swing coach is murdered and she’s tapped as his killer. Sable’s clever golf pals hunker down to solve the crime, even as the links to evil at Cypress Crest multiply and confound them all.

The story comes out November, 13th.

Find information on “Links to Evil” and my eleven suspense/mystery novels:

Watch for it on my website!

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