Something old is NEW again!

Last Resort is Reborn!

I learn something new every day, sometimes to the degree of epiphany! Listen to this story:

First: A neighbor who’d read eight of my books, bought Last Resort from me. She had yet to read Last Resort, my very first published novel (2011). I was a little nervous after getting so much praise from her about my writing. Would she think my first book was good enough?

Second: Last Resort was languishing in the hands of my publisher, Wild Rose Press. Another novel, Lie Catchers, no longer in the Encore stable of Amazon, would probably also sit too quietly in Wild Rose’s bookshelf. I petitioned Wild Rose to revert the rights of both books to me. I GOT THEM BOTH BACK!

Third: It was like two grown-up children returning to live at home. What would I do with these two books to ‘smarten’ them up for rebirth? New covers (Created by my cover artist Kris Lynn)? Yes! Polish the text (with my beta readers)? Absolutely! Modernize some details (example: no more Fax machines)? Indeed!

My neighbor finished Last Resort, claiming it as her favorite of all my novels! Now I was energized to create great covers, give extra polish to my stories, and format them perfectly.

Fourth: This month, I launch the sparkly second edition of Last Resort. (Lie Catchers gets its second debut in August). I now have the freedom to advertise my book as I wish to…and take whatever royalties the book earns. My deepest thanks to Wild Rose for believing in these two books and helping me launch a career as an author.

And thanks to my readers, who gave Last Resort great reviews and made me believe in myself as a writer. Firsts are always special!

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