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Why Didn’t I Know About This 20 Years Ago?

1. Steaming eggs to hardboiled stage makes them a cinch to peel. I enjoy making deviled eggs nowadays.

2. Pushing up my long sleeves makes me look skinnier.

3. Blow-drying my hair skillfully is possible after I practiced using the special brush in my left hand.

4. 16 hour lipstick and waterproof mascara perfected my make-up regimen.

5. Holding a nail with a clothespin instead of my fingers made hammering safer.

6. I freeze lemon or lime juice in ice cube trays so the juice is always handy for cooking…or a gin and tonic. I also freeze freezer jam/jelly in ice cube trays...only need one cube for breakfast. I keep the cubes fresh in a freezer-safe zip-lock bag.

7. Leg cramps at night? Pop some Magnesium (check the type and amount with your doctor).

8. Carry cables in your bag? Keep them detangled and ready to use in old glass cases. And I use springs from old pens to strengthen my cables at the connection points.

9. I like sparkling water and use a Soda Stream to make it. Cheaper and better for the environment than buying bottles of sparkling water.

10. I use a water gauge to test my potted plants (and planting beds) so I don’t overwater.

I will not go into the many uses I have discovered for WD-40 and vinegar, but you probably discovered those magic liquids long ago.

Yes, I have much to learn, but I’m open to contributions. In fact, I’m organizing a holiday party for my golf club and I’m going to ask each member to wrap a ‘gadget you can’t live without,’ emphasizing on fun and funny…but a gadget truly worth knowing about. I’ll bet I’ll pick up lots of great ideas.


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