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I have relationships with two Starbucks coffee shops in Arroyo Grande, California, and I’m proud of it!

You’ve heard about how important casual connections were during Covid. Turns out one way of nourishing our psyche is to have a multitude of loose connections with humans during the week. That need is met by my daily morning ten-minute drive to Starbucks where my mobile order awaits me. Though the staff always seems busy, they are kind enough to smile and wish me well. I know some of the baristas by name, and they are the ones who compliment me on the jewelry I’m wearing or the outfit I’ve chosen for the day. Many of the servers know my name, calling out to me when I enter the store and chatting with me while they finish preparing my drink. As a former high school teacher and principal, I get a kick out of keeping young people in my life. Starbucks baristas are my go-to young crowd.

Both stores are aware I’m an author and are very supportive. One store manager whom I’ve known for years, invites me to do book-signings yearly…sometimes twice a year. I’m thrilled by this opportunity and bolstered by the Saturday 10-12:00 a.m. crowds waiting to pick up their beverages and willing to chat with local authors. I’ve made it a practice to invite another author to share in each signing/selling event, which widens both of our exposure to readers. Plus, I get a chance to learn from a colleague. Even better, we hawk each other’s books.

Coffee prepared by friendly baristas and a good book. What more do we need?

Psst! If you’re not busy on February 11th and you’re a local, join two of us for giveaways, sales, and signings. Here are the details below:


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