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Where Do You Create Your Art?

Where do you create your art? What do you like surrounding you when you compose? How does ‘place’ affect your art?

I’m lucky to be a writer, because I can create anywhere. My laptop computer is portable and so are the ideas in my head. Since I travel a lot, I must adapt to a variety of environments, some perfect for creating stories, and others quite challenging. Uncomfortable chairs, weird hotel smells, the noise of planes taking off, people talking…I try to write through such distractions. Most of the time, I’m visiting places that are interesting, comfortable and inspiring.

In Hawaii, I grab a lounge chair out on our patio and with a cup of coffee at my side, I write like the wind.

With a view like this, creating is easy.

Here at my brother’s house in Louisville, I have this lovely backyard scene to inspire me, with a pair of cardinals singing praises for the day.

As much as I love to travel and as flexible I am to adapting to every writing environment, I yearn for home: my desk with a huge monitor, my files and my flip dictionary at my side, my view of oranges and grapefruits dangling trees with a flurry of purple Mexican sage as backdrop.

For this artist, there’s no place to create like home.

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