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In a month, I’ll be attending the InD'Scribe Conference in Burbank, CA (October 4-7). This year’s MYSTERY theme is perfect for my genre. I’m thrilled my novel, BAD LIES, is competing with five other authors for the RONE award in the Suspense/Thriller category!

While I’m biting my nails over the RONE, I’m organizing a contest for readers attending the conference. I’ve gathered $5 each from author at the Giant Book Signing event, and we’re enticing readers to come to our tables to get gifts and author signatures. Readers who get signatures from at least 12 authors have the chance to win a $100 Amazon card.

Most exciting of all,I'm presenting with the amazing Mara Purl...about authors stepping up their branding platforms.

Stepping Up!

Our premise is:

“If you don’t know your author platform, how will your readers find you?”

"In this workshop, we’ll help a writer add layers to her unique brand so she can hone in on who reads her books and why. We’ll ask her to articulate core elements such as: voice, goals/passion, themes, and her work history. She will discover the benefits she offers readers as well as what, in her work, appeals to them. Next we’ll help her present her platform on social media, in book signings and in all her promotional materials…so she sells more books!"

Come join us! There’s still time for you to sign up for the conference at:

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