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Americans missing in France? We’ve all been tourists and a good many of us have visited France. Imagine the impact of three missing tourist in Aix-en-Provence. To tackle that dilemma, here is Cézanne’s Ghost, my eighth suspense novel, now in e-book and paperback versions:

Do you enjoy travel, looking for adventure, romance, suspense, and history in an exotic location? Could be my novel, Cézanne’s Ghost, set in Aix-en-Provence, France, be meant for you. What an inexpensive way to travel to a favorite destination in Europe!

France is the fifth most popular American vacation spot (2.5 million in 2015), known for its vibrant cities and gorgeous countryside. My husband and I stayed in Aix-en-Provence for a whole month and I yearned to stay longer. We were lucky enough to ‘land’ in a VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) on Rue Americ David, walkable to all the important sight-seeing gems, especially the wonderful Cours Mirabeau, a street full of interesting restaurants and shops. Better, every side street offered us a wealth of wonders for shopping and eating. Ancient churches, amazing museums…I can’t begin to recount the joys of Aix.

Leon Beaudet, my novel’s hero, is an American guide in Aix, having spent two years building up his tour business with three other American tour directors. Each guide serves eight American clients for ten days at a time, an experience highly touted on Trip Advisor. But for the last three months, three tourists have disappeared five days into their vacations. Where did they go? Are their lives in danger? What are the effects of such confusion on the tourist industry?

Thus, the premise for Cézanne’s Ghost. A successful American guide, suddenly facing tragedy and ruin; a heroine too closely resembling the missing women, refusing to leave the most recent tour group.

Get ready for some heart-rending and heart-pounding action in Cézanne’s Ghost. Here’s a summary to get you flying to Aix (in your imagination) for the adventure:

Three young American women vanish in Aix-en-Provence, France.

The FBI suspects their American tour guide.

Leon Beaudet, formerly a U.S. Olympic wrestler, is proud of his five-star guide business, but when tourists disappear on his watch, the FBI dredges up a violent episode in Leon’s past and tap him for the crime. Worse, his new tour group includes Aline Kerig, who is as beautiful and carefree as the three missing women. Leon is fascinated and puzzled by Aline even while he fears for her safety. She refuses to go back to the States, forcing the FBI and local police to involve her in the hunt.

With the French tourist industry about to collapse and Leon as a prime suspect, how does he protect Aline and find his lost tourists?

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