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Research and My Multiple Personalities

You write what you know? Fagettaboutit!

We writers craft stories enriched by research. Primary sources are the best, but we’ll take secondary and third level details…we aren’t proud. Anything to give credibility and color to our novels.

Although all my suspense/mystery novels are carried by my voice and are lightly peppered by my life experiences, when I’m face-to-face with experts or drilling down on internet facts, I’m adopting new life roles to make my fiction seem real.

I can:

-be a man

-be a child

-be a villain

-be an FBI agent, treasury agent, cop, wrestler…

-perform an autopsy

-embalm a cadaver

-plan boutique funerals

-find my way out of a mine

-qualify as a professional golfer

-kidnap and drug a person (so she stays docile for weeks)

-fight steep seas at the helm of my boat

-make love in unusual places/ways

-face off with a bear

-escape from a forest fire

-talk down a killer

-poison someone slowly

-lay explosives

-make book

-win at poker

-cook books

-transplant a kidney

-solve a 1932 cold crime

Now’s your chance to weigh in. What new knowledge has your research given you, and how are you handling your multiple personalities these days? See the results in my six suspense/mystery novels, spiked with romance.

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