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August 5, 2019

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Rolynn Anderson writes heart-rending, heart-pounding suspense stories.  Her novels: LAST RESORT, LIE CATCHERS, FEAR LAND, BAD LIES and CÉZANNE’S GHOST as well as the funeral planner suspense trio, FADEOUT, SWOON and FAINT.  

The first of my Woman at the Helm Mysteries…my 10th novel!

A murder. Human vultures . The stupendous forces of nature. All confront a widow and her son, struggling to run a tiny marina in British Columbia that was her husband’s dream, not hers. 


The e-book is in pre-order until October 8 for only $3.99. Order the print book now!

Amazon: Preorder 


Smashwords (Nook, iTunes, Kobo): 

Print version from Amazon    

FIRE IS NICE is out now in print and e-book formats.

The first of the Sable Chisholm Mysteries set in our National Parks!

Giant redwoods need the heat of a blazing forest to release their seeds. Will a fiery relationship between two rangers save Sequoia?  

Bone poachers pillaging Sequoia National Park will stop at nothing…even murder. Can two rangers, at cross purposes, smoke out the thieves?

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