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Newest Release: When Winds Howl    (Woman at the Helm Mystery)

Think Agatha Christie. On a yacht in Alaska. Glacial.
When Winds Howl

She’s a first-time yacht captain on a nightmare cruise.

On her virgin voyage as ship captain, Maggie Muldoney scores. She’s at the helm of a gorgeous yacht destined for Alaska’s glaciers. But she must hire six crew members too quickly and she’s not in the best of health for this dream voyage.


Eight guests come aboard, all expenses paid by an anonymous donor. What fun!


Until it isn’t.


The guests: Two teachers and students from a single graduating class. Why were they picked?


A dark message from the donor horrifies the crew and guests. Never mind death and destroyed careers. Forget about howling winds and stormy seas. None of the crew nor guests’ lives will ever be the same.


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