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New Release: When Oceans Rage    (Woman at the Helm Mystery)

Murder and sabotage in a British Columbia fishing town
When Oceans Rage

“This is an amazing, suspenseful mystery, told magnificently! The story moves effortlessly with great plot twists and gripping adventure that will leave the reader breathless for more!”

-InD’Tale Magazine

She dumps her career as drone engineer to

captain a fishing boat....

A shocking inheritance of a shrimp boat from her estranged father entices MIT-trained Jill Morrell to resign from her cushy Seattle job. Her lack of experience boating or fishing soon makes her a pariah on the Port McNeill dock. Worse: While she invests time and energy into a successful prawn season, her father languishes in prison for a murder he may not have committed.  

Ray Stewart, stepson of the murdered man, has a stealth agenda of his own. Ray aims to sue Jill for ownership of the million-dollar vessel. In fact, he’ll join Jill’s crew for the season to protect his family’s asset while keeping an eye on the ever-fascinating, unpredictable Ms Morrell.

The raging ocean pales in comparison to the violent and greedy folks out to destroy Jill’s livelihood. Though Ray and Jill are sworn adversaries, they must join forces to find a murderer and identify traitors in their British Columbia community.

Hang on, sailors. Rough seas ahead!


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