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Last Resort - Bedlam at a British Columbia fishing resort

Last Resort

“Last Resort is an interesting read that will keep your nose firmly planted in its pages. Make sure you leave enough free time to enjoy this one from cover to cover!”~ Long and Short Reviews

Her last chance: Save a fishing resort from bankruptcy.


Corporate fixer Rena Gordon’s career is over unless she can wrench a B.C. resort out of the red in time for the Canadian-American Winter Games. Before she can sort employee sabotage from ineptness, her loose-cannon sister shows up, kicked out of yet another school. Now Rena must confront emotions about the past she's worked so hard to hide.


CIA agent Neal Jackson is undercover as a fishing guide, sniffing out terrorist cells targeting the Winter Games. He’s a lone-wolf agent used to lying to people and holding tight to his feelings…until Rena and the chaos in the resort turns his world upside down.


Rena’s corporate training falters in the face of vengeful employees, a sister who is out of control, and a fishing guide she can’t stop thinking about. Should she trust her instincts to save people and the resort she's grown to love?

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