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Fadeout - (Suspense Series: Boutique Funeral Planners-1)

California Coast mayhem confounds a second chance at love

“Rolynn Anderson develops her characters and relationships beautifully, deftly…to delightful perfection, making this a great reading and a 5 star rating!” - Ind’Tale Magazine


               Her clients refuse to rest in peace


Jan Solvang left a marriage proposal and a job in Seattle to care for her dying mother. Now she’s trapped in California with an inherited dog, working with her estranged father in the family funeral planning business.


Roman Keller’s documentaries reveal the flaws of the famous, so he’s incensed when the relatives of a ruthless attorney demand a glowing send-off.


While his attraction to Jan grows, his plundering of the dead man’s history puts them all in jeopardy. Is the truth too dangerous to tell?California Coast mayhem confounds a second chance at love

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