Lie Catchers

Lie Catchers

“Anderson’s mystery/suspense, is carefully woven with the right amount of history to engage the reader, and enough mystery to keep the reader guessing”

~ Robena Grant

             She’s a lie catcher hiding from the truth

Freelance writer, Liv Hanson returns to a fishing village in Alaska with one mission: bail out her failing family business. To garner investors, she writes a series about a local unsolved murder. When her revelations intersect with the recent death of a schoolmate, the town turns against her.

While investigating a murder and money scam, treasury agent Parker Browne finds the quirky, secretive Liv Hanson his number one interest. Her ability to detect liars fascinates and entices him, but he gave up on love long ago. As Parker and Liv delve into the crimes, bullets--and sparks--start to fly.

When liars are more skilled than lie catchers, can anyone win?

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