New Release: Bad Lies

Bad Lies

Italy’s haunted caves spell danger to an American golfer and NATO geologist


Sophie Maxwell was raised by her dad to be a shrewd gambler; Jack Walker’s father made his son a golfing machine.


In the present, Jack’s a geologist, working at Los Alamos Labs, who abhors golf. 

Sophie is a late-blooming golfer and mother of a precocious thirteen year-old. 


Determined to put divorce, bankruptcy, and games of chance in her past, Sophie goes to Italy for a qualifying tournament.


Jack is persuaded to coach and caddy for the free-spirited Sophie, because she’s a protégé of his ailing father.  In Jack’s free time, his task is to find caves on the Mediterranean suitable for NATO terrorist listening posts.


On a Rome golf course and in the perilous caves of Italy, Sophie and Jack face their gamble of a lifetime. 

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