New Release: Fire is Nice

Fire is Nice

Bone poachers pillaging Sequoia National Park will stop at nothing…even murder.

Can two rangers, at cross purposes, smoke out the thieves?


Sable Chisholm suffered an on-duty brain injury, which eliminated her sense of fear and made her a pariah at the FBI. In Sequoia, her assigned partner is Carter Glass, a loner of a ranger, successful at solving park problems with statistical analysis. The miss-matched pair must collar criminals stealing Pleistocene era bones from park caves.


The murder of a ranger and evidence of staff treachery ramps up the investigation, further challenging Sable and Carter’s partnership. She’s blazing with ideas, hell-bent on solving the mystery, while he calculates strategies, tormented by her risk-taking. 


The stakes are sky-high. If they don’t catch the poachers, they reduce their reputations to ashes…or die trying.

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