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Fire is Nice - What if you feared absolutely nothing?

Fire is Nice

“FIRE IS NICE will appeal to traditional mystery readers, cozy mystery lovers, and fans of romantic suspense!”-InD’Tale Magazine


Sable Chisholm suffered an on-duty brain injury, which eliminated her sense of fear and made her a pariah at the FBI. In Sequoia, her assigned partner is Carter Glass, a loner of a ranger, successful at solving park problems with statistical analysis. The miss-matched pair must collar criminals stealing Pleistocene era bones from park caves.


The murder of a ranger and evidence of staff treachery ramps up the investigation, further challenging Sable and Carter’s partnership. She’s blazing with ideas, hell-bent on solving the mystery, while he calculates strategies, tormented by her risk-taking. 


The stakes are sky-high. If they don’t catch the poachers, they reduce their reputations to ashes…or die trying.

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