Let’s face it, you might have planned well so far, but if you don’t get the word out expertly, no one will show up at your book signing. Let’s say you’re goal-setting to sell fifty books. Think about how many people you’ll have to tap to summon enough attendees to enjoy your book signing event. Take it step by step and you’ll be surprised how thorough you’ll be. 1. Months ahead, find out from the vendor what publicity sources he/she uses. (Newsletter? Specials offers? Weekly reminders?) Tag onto those avenues, first off, timing publishing of the information to properly announce your book signing. WRITE OUT THE BOOK SIGNING BLAST YOURSELF, and give it to the vendor early. Don’t wait

Book Signing Folly #2 Poor Planning

Congratulations! You’ve picked the perfect location for your book signing (See Folly #1), securing the place and a liaison, and determining a percentage of profit for the venue. You also know what tables to bring (or the site will provide), and you’ve chosen a position near the “customer walk-through” action, to set up your signing. But there’s still much to plan, and I hope you have a couple months for these details: 1. Order the books you’ll sell. How many? I’ve sold as many as 55 books at a book signing. Try to determine which of your books are most popular for the specific book signing audience, then order accordingly. New release? Bring more copies of that title. Consider bring

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